Blockchain Explained

The future of money is now, and it’s based on value, blockchain & cryptos.

“It’s a monetary revolution that we are witnessing.

It’s a monetary revolution – which takes (traditionally) centuries to manifest, whilst in the digital age, Bitcoin is likely to do it in decades.”

Exchange the value in crypto into a new home, remodeled home or new or remodeled office.

Affordable housing, Mission District, SF

Adoption is happening

Adoption is happening: in leaps & bounds and incrementally, suddenly and slowly seeping into the mainstream, into all our lives.

“Only with increasing difficulty can one recall a time when the majority of the world was yet to adopt the internet. In 1995, user adoption of the internet had​ ​only reached​ 10% of American households, five years after the very first web browser was launched. Another five years later, in the year 2000, 50% of the United States nation had already adopted the internet. Imagining today’s world without internet is simply unfathomable and, in the future, the same will be said about cryptocurrency.

There is a generational shift happening towards cryptos as Blockchain’s demographics are skewed towards the next generation.”

Manifest your dreams & desires with crypto

sustainable & regenerative

Sustainable & Regenerative Building

One of the greenest homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Solar electric, solar hot water, SIPs: Structurally integrated Panels, less waste, less wood, better sound and temperature insulation, and more earthquake resistant.  We used many reused, recycled & natural products.

This standard sized lot has Almond, Orange, Fig & Plum Trees, Herbs, Chickens & more. Year round cornucopia.

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